Paatela-Nieminen, Martina
B.102 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:00 - 12:30, Room B2
Intercultural learning in art education
In this paper I discuss intercultural learning through the intertextual method that I developed in my doctoral thesis in 2001. I want to study if it is possible for a westerner to learn about Japanese culture by studying texts intertextually. I approach this question of intercultural learning by studying the processes and products of students who are studying to become art educators. I teach a course on Japanese popular culture at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in the School of Art Education. I ask the students to broadly apply the concept of intertextuality in their learning process. By this I mean the intertextual idea of linking, layering and weaving subjective and intercultural texts together during their learning process as well as in its outcomes. They use the intertextual approach in their essays and works of art to enlighten their conceptions of Japanese art and culture. They consider what is special or interesting in Japanese culture. They also study and make images of their understanding of Japanese culture, thus discovering the plural meanings of the field.
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