Palacios, Alfredo
C.103 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room C1
M : a collaborative art project in a community context
M is a public art project launched in 2006 Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain) II Public Art Exhibition. This exhibition takes place every year, and six artists are invited to develop a public art project in the city centre. This is a temporary exhibition that is displayed during one month. Our aim has been to develop a participative project engaging the inhabitants of the town. We have worked with children, elderly people and immigrants using community associations. The main objective of M has been to make the experiences of the inhabitants of Alcobendas visible in the public space. For this, we have used words that defined the perceptions, feelings or memories that the members of the community have about the places. These words have been displayed in the streets of the town. We assign a space (surface) to each word. In this way the meaning of the space is symbolically delimited. Words written on the ground are like landmarks of the city map. It is a new topography of the city. We try to match a physical surface to an emotion or to a memory. So, the value of the ground is not the speculative one, for building, but the experiential one.
Abad, Javier
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