Iruegas Peņa, Elsa Yliana
B.106 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 15:30 - 16:00, Room B2
Learning through drama, a real life experience based on POL (Project Oriented Learning)
Teaching languages (French and English in particular), philosophy, physics and literature to sixteen year old mexican high-school students can be of great enrichment, when the main focus is drama and the learning methodology is based on Project Oriented Learning (POL). This kind of cross-curricular project makes students feel committed with their learning process and they become creative. They live an esthetical experience through art. The students discover values, they question themselves; they get to know themselves better when they relate themselves to the characters. Students become passionate about the project and grow; as a result, they become better people. Moreover, they accomplish the learning aims established in the curriculum. Literature, in the majority of the Language Departments in high-schools in Mexico, is usually used to develop in the student the capacity to understand and to express his or her ideas and emotions, in an oral and written form. Nevertheless, the student is limited to read, analyze and memorize texts. The product, usually, lacks of creativity and is far from being original and interesting. Literature is considered as something “to pass the time”. Frequently, students plagiarize and buy essays through the Internet. That is why teaching literature, physics, philosophy and languages through drama, based on Project Oriented Learning, has proven to be of great enrichment for the students because: It promotes curiosity. Itīs a different way of learning. It could be applied to any subject. The topics are constructed around ideas that prevail. It stimulates creativity, originality and the production of ideas. Promotes communication and collaborative learning. It demands complex thinking processes. It develops the ability to solve problems. It facilitates the comprehension of abstract concepts. Students generate hypothesis, questions, expressions, thoughts ands beliefs. It generates a passion to learn.
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