Pepin, Pierre
E.107 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 16:00 - 16:30, Room E1
Art education and the new media
Using Multimedia Process, Through Arts, Sciences, and Technology, for Educators…A interactive book for educators in Art. Introducing new media for educators in Art in the classroom. As an educator at the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, my students come from different cultural backgrounds. Most of them are American but many also come from Latin Countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Porto-Rico…. This multicultural environment reoriented my strategies and approaches to teaching sciences, multimedia, and technology through Art. For the last fifteen years, my teaching goals have been to experience different avenues on how a multimedia process could help to develop a new level of creativity by integrating the use of Arts, sciences and technology. As the author of this reference book for educators, one of my challenges is to present easy and simple activities to use in the classroom. The purpose of these activities is to help teachers develop different approaches and strategies while using interactive multimedia through art and help them develop an efficient ‘hybrid’ way of teaching. Teachers should deal with the global culture. They should realize that by acknowledging the limitations of the global culture, for anyone but the cultural producers, the markers of identity, they should not reject the global culture altogether. “Teachers should engage with their own cultural heritage but should not retreat into it as if it was unchanging and somehow pure” (Duncum 1990). Teachers should communicate and preserve basic knowledge about the traditional approaches to art, while strategically facilitating the hybrid approach, which is the combination of traditional and technological components, within the classroom on a daily basis. The direction of my research points towards a new vision of globalization. The strategic orientation of my book is based on discovery as a starting point for beginning a process of research and analysis by mixing Art, Technology, and Sciences.
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