Brenne, Andreas
A.11 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room A2
Artistic field research "- aesthetical-research of the human environment
Artistic research is nowadays a common term. Under the references "aesthetic research", "artistic research" or "artistic field research" for example Art Education, artists, designers, architects, art-commercial craftsmen and industrial enterprises making an attempt to describe a strategy which is in the area of conflict between scientific research and artistic strategies of the world appropriation. This means, that an innovative production nowadays has to be based on a substantial research of the environmental background. A research means here the curious investigation of articles and actions, whereby one tries to work out the nature of the things in the detail and to win a new aspect or a new understanding. "Artistic" or "aesthetic" sets the research focus to investigation of sensual qualities and pays attention on associated emotional arrangements and associative conceptions. The aesthetic or artistic research attitude is operated usually not isolated, but is considered as addition to rationally shaped research traditions. This article argues with the described tendencies in reference to art-educational scenarios in the school context. In the centre thereby the conception of the "artistic field research" is located. Thus both an artistic strategy and a generally usable entrance to anthropological important groups of topics (fields) will describe. To that extent it goes tying thus around art-educational attempts, which argue in aesthetic-artistic way with phenomena of the environment, and to the conditions of the education processes of children and young people. (...)
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