Brohl, Christiane
R.114 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 16:30 - 17:00, Room Aula
Art Education as an Artistic Research Practice of Displacement in the context of Locative Media Art and the Culture of Mobility
The paper reflects the term of Displacement introduced as a site related and public space research approach in the context of contemporary Locative Media Art and the seamless culture of mobility. The artistic interventions of artists using mobile and locative media such as GPS systems, PDA as well as cell phones, RFID tags and the like expand the physical space of communication and acting to urban Mixed Reality spaces. The latter constitutes not only the mix of realities, but something additional in between the real, discursive and the digital: An extension of physical space, another space rather than a representation of the so called real reality. Foucault`s term of heterotopia could open a new vision of a different site, in which the discursive, aesthetic, physical as well as the digital dimensions of public space could be critical reflected. Education scenarios with mobile and locative media at school and university are introduced. In conclusion the paper looks at how the concept of displacement can be reflected for the culture of seamless mobility in the arts and education processes. How can we develop and introduce a new form of art education as an artistic research based on network relationships between the discursive, physical and digital space? How can we create an urban narrative for art education processes by integrating the city and landscape as overall shaping space for artistic projects and storytelling? In conclusion the paper argues for the specific dimension added as well as the opportunities opening up for education by bringing together displacement and locative media technologies in the arts.
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