Collados Cardona, Esther
A.14 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room A2
Learning through work projects in artistic education
This communication presents a project of investigation whose main aim is the analysis and experimentation of actions for the improvement of Artistic Education in compulsory secondary education. This project is being developed at three high schools in Barcelona thanks to the study leave given by the “Departament d’Educació i Universitats de la Generalitat de Catalunya”. The first stage of the project aims at analysing the way in which the syllabus of artistic education is developed in the three schools which participate in the study. It is about observing what kind of school tasks are developed and to what type of teaching conceptions they belong, as well as promoting a process of reflection in teachers about their working practice. At the second stage of investigation it is planned to design actions which lead to the improvement of these learning processes through the creation of work projects which experiment with new ways of developing the syllabus of artistic education, with the aim of achieving more effective learning models. The third stage will carry out its experimentation in the classroom as well as its later evaluation in relation to the learning produced and the degree of satisfaction and motivation of the educational agents involved. This pilot project does not mean to produce changes in the school practice from the outside into the inside, but to promote debate and reflection about the sense of our practice and that this becomes the engine which transforms our teaching actions and consequently our practice. Through this communication the design and the planning of the investigation will be exposed, as well as the stage of development it is at, raising some of the queries and matters which its implementation reveals.
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