Grosser, Sabine
D.168 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room D1
Trans-cultural learning with arts
“The more I understand the complexity of my own cultural diversity, the more I believe that the awareness of other cultures is important in our daily life wherever we live because every country is multicultural in its own way.” With the increasing dynamics of cultural globalisation and a rapidly internationalising world children and young person are more in touch with pictures of and from unknown cultures and contexts. Pictures and visual material gain more importance in this process not only because of the strong role of media in the student’s environment. The huge variety and quantity of various picture material creates hyper complex situations also for children and young people who grow up with those developments. On one hand those developments open new possibilities for information processes and train new competences of learners. On the other hand undefined or unknown situations might cause an increasing insecurity - compared to the human need for orientation this might cause contradictions and conflicts. In this context learning by and with pictures could make a substantial contribution. Diversity, plurality and variety are not really new terms in art education but gain new importance in this context – irritation, complexity and openness could function as starting points for (trans)cultural learning with art and art experience. The article is based on experiences and reflections in context with my research project about ‘Contemporary Art and the Culture of Commemoration in Sri Lanka’ attached to the University of Paderborn.
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