Gökay, Melek
D.182 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room D1
Research on art education and symbols
In this study, it is aimed to develop methodologies for students who are bored up regular art lectures which include subject based prerequisited paintings. Selcuk University Fine Art Education Department’s students who have been educated to being art teachers were taken part in this study. They worked how they use culture, interdisciplinary education and symbols on art education of students at secondary schools. Research students were mainly concentrated on goddess symbols on Anatolian cultural heritage Catalhoyuk-Konya where their history dated around 9000 BC. They also studied how they teach the meaning of symbols especially important for our city, Konya. Second group of students on the other hand asked to work on the symbols at geographical maps. They planed to teach how to present different art activities of different region of Anatolia on selected maps. They used historic map of Atlantic Ocean which were drawn by Piri Reis (Piri-Captain) as an example. They collected information about certain regions and presented on maps by using different symbols for different cultural activities. After finished the required studies, pre-teacher students understand how the symbols could facilitate human communications. They reported that, these works helped them to understand how effective the multidisciplinary works on secondary students learning. Especially teaching through the examples including certain amount of research drives the students’ excitements. This excitements activates the secondary school students learning positively.
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