Araújo dos Santos, Andréa
A.2 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:30 - 12:00, Room A2
Perception, felt and eutonia: creative attitudes and processes contemporaries in the art lessons
The present study it intends to reflect on the possibility of if using Eutônicos exercises in the art lessons to assist the release of the creative processes and the practical development of the artistic one and a refined aesthetic perception. We intend with a pedagogical action centered in the Eutonia to get a different result in the creative processes you initiate that is before the application of the Eutônicos exercises. 1. Introduction This study it aims at to establish in empirical way, a relation between art contemporary, art education and the use of the corporeal directions. One of the possibilities of establishment of this relation can be by means of the development of a proposal of applied educative action in the art lessons. This proposal will be presented in the public net and will look for to make use of the practical one of the Eutonia as one of the tools of work of the professor for the magnifying of the corporal perception of its pupils. 2- OBJECT The research will look for to question if the work with the Eutonia can be a pedagogical tool to assist in the art lessons, if the conscience of the corporeal directions can assist the elaboration of a creative process. He will be that the pupil obtains to modify its creative processes in the lessons of art from an experience of exercises of the Eutonia? The acquisition of the appreciation and the agreement of the aesthetic contemporary can improve by means of the sharpened directions? 4- OBJECTIVES One of the focos of this reflection is to rescue the communication between the people, to develop a creative potential directed toward the social one, with a more harmonious conviviality. Sensitivity, creativity, communication... Thus, we would like to verify if we can use as instrument in the art lessons the exercises of Eutonia in order to assist in the interior understanding, to stimulate the directions and the so necessary corporal sensations for the daily contemporary. In Eutonia the body is considered the base of the being and its exercises provide a lined up and raised body of course, that it is dislocated in flexible way. The mind is calm and alert. In this direction, we consider to apply these eutônicos exercises in the classroom during the art lessons, in order to make possible a strategy of knowledge of the body and its limits.
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