Cohen Evron, Nurit
B.32 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 15:30 - 16:00, Room B1
How can we apply critical postmodern art education pedagogy?
Critical Postmodernism seems frequently irrelevant outside of academy. This presentation presents some of the main theoretical concepts of this pedagogy (Aronowitz & Giroux, 1991; Stuhr, 1995; Weedon, 1997; Walker, 1997; Freedman, 2003; Freedman & Stuhr, 2004). It examines its practical potential in a case study of an art curriculum which implemented this approach. The first part of the presentation focuses on understanding what is "critical" in this approach. It stresses the idea that any text, including visual texts, can not mirror reality but presents it (using a code system which is always constructed within a specific culture and values). This idea is important in a world which we usually know through mediations of visual imagery which surrounds us. The second part examines some practical suggestions for implementing this pedagogy, specifically the use of deconstruction of visual images (Barthes, 1973; Barrett, 2003). It uses artworks done by high school students who live in Israel, which deconstructed and reconstructed visual images of war. It examines the potential of this method to enhance the students' understanding of their reality and the mechanism of the mass media which constructs it.
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