Gökbulut, Nur
D.41 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room D1
Basic design theories and a practice
The theories towards art education may be provided or lectured by distinct methods on differing education levels. In this study, an analysis- and synthesis-based project was implemented, aiming at providing the basic elements and principles of design, together with a general art-culture. The pupils were asked to choose one artwork and gather information on such artwork's technique, creator, and period. Then the principles and elements included therein (i.e. artwork) were resolved by means of computers or transparent materials (acetate paper). The pupils were allowed to use any of such principles and elements so as to make rearrangements by replacing their places or functions. With any arrangements made by superimposing transparent papers, different impressions have been obtained. Thus, the pupils were expected to observe and perceive the functions of such design elements, impressions resulting from different uses, and the alterations in artworks. Daily programs were arranged so as to make use of the present study in a visual art course on secondary education level, and the study was completed by allowing each pupil in the study to make presentations to his/her pupil friends. All stages of this process were monitored in accompany with explanations, and filed accordingly. In the final stage of project, a plan has been implemented wherein each pupil was allowed to compose his/her own work and to present such works together with their files.
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