Kroupp, Rachel
D.5 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room D1
Knowing each other by drawing: children’s drawings from Greece and Israel
Greece and Israel are two countries bound in interchange. First, because of their long history that has brought them together in several occasions and secondly because of their geographical location, both being Mediterranean. The perception, however, that one country form of the other is not based so much on historic ties, as in the picture portrayed by the mass media. The "Knowing each other by drawing" program is targeted towards children around eleven years old. The program's goals are: a) to introduce children to one another on a personal and cultural level through the suggested topics. b) to achieve this personal and cultural interchange directly, with the less possible interference between the children of the two countries.The program was initiated in September of 2006 and will be completed with the presentation of research results during the InSEA conference and the exhibition of the children’s' works of art.
Kakourou Chorni, Georgia
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