Kivatinetz, Magali
C.50 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:00 - 12:30, Room C1
What visual arts educators can learn from contemporary artists?
Visual Arts educators have mainly focussed their interest on artists’ biographies, their formal processes and the analysis of their productions as means for promoting pupils’ learning ‘from’ the arts. Modernist Art History has been the conception that has guided this approach by emphasising notions such as genius, exceptionality, originality, style, formal analysis and aesthetic movement. But, what would happen if Visual Arts Educators move away this traditional position by using Post-estructuralist and Visual Culture approaches to explore the ideas and processes of contemporary artists who transit, for example, through social, cultural and performative theories, feminist positionalities and multimedia productions? In this presentation we will show the contributions made by a group of Visual Art Educators involved in a process of learning and researching from contemporary artists who explore in their productions socio-cultural issues in order to bring their findings to the Visual Arts classrooms.
Bernardo Rangel, Valeska
Hernández, Fernando
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