Ayrancioğlu, Güzin Altan
D.512 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:00 - 12:30, Room D1
With Works in Barlach’s effigy exhibition, children who are 7-8 years, was wanted to know original production by meeting art. Barlach’s effigies which have significant situation in 20 th century effigy art was provided to children to cominicate with art. In ths work as a first; children was intented to cominicate with effigies directly. Children asked to effigies, “How are you.” And then, they reply by their selves. As a result of these live experiments. Children found the posibility of cominicating with one art work and meeting effigy art in young age. One of the children stand like an effigy and the other one took his photo with polaroid camera. Children was wanted to be in tegrate with strong expressions in effigies and reflected these feelings by using their own body. Thus children was provided to cominicate with effigies.
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