Hiltunen, Mirja
C.52 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:00 - 11:30, Room C1
Celebration of collaboration
In my presentation the significance of a multidisciplinary and multi-artistic process in Art Education is emphasized. My forthcoming dissertation aims at searching theoretical bases and practices of community based art education in the context of Finnish art teacher education. Art Students are increasingly working together in the projects with experts of different fields, groups of citizens, and other communities. In addition, different events, exhibitions and festivals are important part of the working process. The concept has many similarities to the way how a community artist acts. There are no clear boundaries between environmental, performance, conceptual and other media. Community based art education can be created in highly heterogeneous groups in which the group members share the same goal with regard to the activity. Normally, art activities help build and strengthen the sense of community, art can be seen as a tool for socio-cultural inspiration, too. Multidisciplinary and multi-artistic activities are in the centre of the projects which I study. In my presentation I will concentrate to the moment of sharing - how art can offer an open space for conversation, collaboration - and celebration.
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