Cataldi, Jane
C.522 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 14:30 - 15:00, Room C1
Rethinking the Arts Curriculum in Higher Education: The Cultural Entrepreneur and Social Change
Issues of individual creativity and social responsibility have been a part of the discourse in the arts sector in the United States for many years. Although the issues are recurring themes in classrooms, conferences and professional journals, these arguments have had limited impact on institutional curriculum policy (i.e. degree programs, course descriptions and classroom strategies) in higher education. Although general education has made progress recently in embedding these concepts in teacher education for PK-12, artists and arts educators in higher education continue to focus heavily on personal experience, art technique, and performance and/or production. Although increasingly interested in formal and informal venues (i.e. school partnerships and community outreach), a new paradigm for teaching and learning in pre-professional art programs is lacking. As a means of engaging artists and art education students in social change, “Cultural entrepreneurship,” is proposed as a multidisciplinary, multi-dimensional curricular concept with educational potential for translating creative processes and art knowledge into innovative services for society.
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