Palm, Lars
A.524 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room A2
The Possibility of a Site-specific art method Leading Us to a Deeper Understanding and Knowledge about Our Surroundings
“SITE” – the Project A presentation of the project ”SITE” will be made at the conference. SITE is a project where adolescences have studied their place and position in; as well as a perspective upon their own contemporary society. This was a trial where the idea-based concept of art was used as a method/model for obtaining an increased knowledge of the world. SITE’s Goals In order to give young people tools to develop a deeper understanding of post-modern art - but also to move the art from its marginalized position to the center of learning processes -, one of the project’s goals has been to try a method for artistic work, whose base is the contemporary idea of art. Another goal has been to use art as a tool to examine our everyday life with its conceptions, conventions and occurrences. Time Frame and Modus Operandum The project was carried out during the fall of 2006. The participants were pupils between 12 and 13 years old. Geographic places have been examined from the perspective of these pupils’ questions regarding their situation in school and in the society as well as their thoughts of the future. At all times, they made their starting point in geographically-based regional art. The work has been documented and presented by the pupils themselves in the form of film, photography, screenprints and texts. A public presentation has been done as well. Language, per se, has been an important part of this work. Also, the theories of Walter de Maria and Robert Smithson about art and artistic expression, have served as important inspirational sources. The form of the work has, for the majority part, been field work: full days, where places, physical and cultural characteristics have been examined. The collected material from this field work has been processed at various two-hour work shops. The tools used for this work were the camera for photos and soundrecording equipment and reflective writing.
Cronquist, Eva
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