Jagodzinski, Jan
B.53 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 17:00 - 17:30, Room B1
The need for a postaesthetic art: criticism of visual cultural art education
Our presentation attempts to question the fervor that art educators have initiated in understanding visual culture today through the employment of a cultural studies model that largely deals with sociological and semiological models of analysis. We argue that the bulk of these models merely reinstate designer capitalist need to continue to aesthetize the globe for further commodification. By looking at two areas—first, the ecology of a green aesthetics as initiated by a number of “earth artists” and second, the work of the Swiss video artist Ursula Bieman who attempts to question the accepted codes that write the body—we attempt to develop postaesthetics of self-refleXivity where the “X” in the terms stands in for the unconscious and provides an understanding of art as an “event” that disrupts its technological appropriations by the capitalist marketplace.
Hipfl, Brigitte
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