Cheng, Ming-shen
D.532 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 16:30 - 17:00, Room D2
Knowledge Construction through and within Visual Culture
The purpose of this panel is to explore how knowledge construction takes place through the visual. Television, news, movies, animation, comics, ads, magazines, and children's picture books as part of mass media have profound implications on how individuals see themselves and construct their knowledge. In looking at visual culture, we will ask questions about what, whose, and how knowledge is constructed through: (1) Japanese animation (anime), (2) Japanese comics (manga), (3) Taiwanese children’s picture books, and (4) children’s interpretations of fine art and advertisements. This panel will further draw connections between these cultural production and the following issues: (1) pleasure and sexuality; (2) desire and youth identity; (3) ideology and cultural identity; and (4) the process of reading images. We aim to offer an insight into what is important, relevant, and desirable in the processes and contexts of seeing. It is through this process that a different kind of knowledge is defined, circulated, and visualized. This panel seeks an emergent dialogue among multiple theoretical lenses and methodological approaches concerning with issues of pleasure/sexuality, desire/identity, and ideology/culture in the images-reading process.
Chen, Hsiao-ping
Kuo, Chien-hua
Shen, Lien-fan
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