Hoedekie, Nelson
A.54 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room A2
Face (in) the Mirror-toolbox for educators
It is the purpose of the paper to present the Face(in)theMirror-box as one the latest results of the projectís development. The box is a tool for (art) educators and includes the material and guidelines for the practical application of the social-artistic Face(in)theMirror-method. This interactive method strives for cultural empowerment and applies (visual) art and philosophy to enhance imaginative, motorial, social and artistic skills, to improve self-esteem and to stimulate insights into the principles of portrait drawing, projection, shading, reflection, mirroring, perspective, etc. It uses an innovative format that encourages the participants to de- en reconstruct their self-image(s) in a creative and positive way and by following a trajectory of particular perspectives on the self: the participants draw an imaginary, shadow- and mirror-self-portrait. Afterwards, a photo is taken from the participant with his/her mirror-self-portrait in front of the face. This photo simulates the perspective of the participant in front of the mirror and therefore allows for the interpretation of what he/she saw, wanted to or did not see in the mirror. In this way the project literally and figuratively holds up a mirror and shows, in and through art, that the self-image is a social construction. The results of the project are not only a special form of feedback for the participants, but also have intrinsic artistic qualities and a multi-disciplinary research value.
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