Klingler, Reingard
A.540 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room A1
Identity construction in popular imagery: Doing Gender – Undoing Gender
The increased ubiquity of global public and personal image-generation and consumption in everyday life, in advertising and entertainment, in politics and in science offer a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches in art education. Which messages do image worlds of girls and boys transmit? How can social and cultural stereotypes be decoded? Concerning the construction of gender-identity, images – when analyzed as cultural screens - offer a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches to art education. The ability of being able to ‘read’ visual culture and arte-facts is a central issue in art education. Common easy access to image-production for children and young people should be supplemented in the educational field with the following: learning the vocabulary and grammar of visual culture along with critical thinking and applying informed judgements to their own design-processes. Our project shows how to achieve media literacy in art education exemplified in gender issues. An analysis of popular imagery based on theories of looking and representational critique.
Höfferer, Gerrit
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