Coca Jiménez, Pablo
C.557 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 15:00 - 15:30, Room C2
Game of identities in a Contemporary Art Museum
This abstract presents an activity which is developed in the Contemporary Art Museum of Valladolid with adolescent students. Through this activity, the Department Research and Education of the museum tries to facilitate different ways of “looking” at the present art. The aim of the workshop is to promote an alternative glance to the art, as well as to approach, in educational view, the problem of the identity during this stage of the human development. The activity departs from the construction of characters who fictitiously visit the museum. This way, a role-playing game nis used to allow students to show us the way they see themselves or the way they understand the art and the world surrounding it. In this sense, the participants get to understand the relative meaning of the artworks put under the reception context and the individual subjective determinations of each person. On the other hand, students became aware of the different ways of living an inhabiting the museum. The profiles that young people usually recreate show us the great persuasive power that the visual context in which they live has for us. Their characters answer generally to stereotyped profiles, to canons wished or rejected by most of the teenagers, coming from their closest environment. The students are at all time conscious of how their lives are determined by this iconic universe, formed by the publicity, the television, the cinema, Internet, etc., although they have never considered a critical reflection. The evaluation of this experience has been one of the most satisfactory in the verification of the utility of the new approaches, and in contextualization of the artistic fact from an experiential scope.
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