Lobato Suero, Josť
B.56 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room B1
Didactics of expression in infant education and the first stage of primary education: Development of communicative and artistic competence through the illustrated album
The illustrated album is a cultural product which has reached such communicative, plastic and literary dimensions in the last few years that it has become worthy of being considered a subgenre of infant literature. The constituent characteristics of the illustrated album convert it into a rich didactic resource for initiation in the reading, literary and artistic competences during the early ages. It is evident that the intervention of an educator, mediator between the album and the child, who is aware of the incentives that the work offers and knows how to use it in a flexible and enjoyable way, multiplies the road to reading and interpretation and facilitates a greater recreational experience in his/her pupil. The verbal and plastic languages complementing one another offer children enough encouragement to develop abilities of decoding and interpretation without reducing the artistic and literary tastes. We intend to analyse the communicative and artistic possibilities that the illustrated album offers, as a harmonic set of illustration and text, the plastic code and the verbal code.
Hoster Cabo, Beatriz
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