E.562 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room E1
Moving pictures and art education
Art education has moved more and more into the digital world. Communicative knowlegde and skills has been as important as esthetic achievments in the art curriculum. Influences from mass media and the Internet has created new demands on imagemaking in the classroom. Changes in visual cultures and the expansion of new media has developed demands for creative research of the everyday environment. Observing and watching, documenting and reflecting using new techniques creates new arenas for making art in schools. Digital cameras and computor programs such as Photoshop and iMovie can give students possibilities to research their own environment. It gives them oppurtunities to detect the images and the stories in the surrounding world and to create and communicate using digital resources.It can also make them realize how complicated the world of media is and how and why it differs from the real world. This presentation deals with how students incorporate media in there search for knowledge and understanding of ordinary life and how they will communicate there findings to others. Problems and achievements of creative and artistic nature will be discussed as well as the potential for further visual studies. Focus on creating moving pictures as part of image literacy, analysis and interpretation as well as finding relevant didactic forms are other major issues in this presentation.
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