Miranda, Eva R.
A.564 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:00 - 12:30, Room A1
Visual culture and the school: what, how and why we are supposed to do?
This present paper has as objective to discuss the role and importance of teaching visual culture in the school(,) environment for children and teenagers. Many countries and governments demand researchers for practical answers and reasons to teach visual culture (art, drawing, music, music, cinema and visual communication), how and why make changes in the actual system, why more time to visual culture? In the other side, many studies try to find practical effects that visual culture can be made in the other disciplines like mathematics, physics, etc. We try to point the needs of the three main actors, school, society and policy makers and in the other hand (we) try to explain practical, methodological and philosophical implications in the relationship that exist(s) (mas talvez o melhor fosse só “existing”) between school, society and political approach. The study presents that society and police makers have a need of answer and maybe the scientific community doesn´t speak the same language, in the light of every need it’s necessary (to) develop clear concepts, methodological and epistemological considerations and approaches. We found in this relationship between school, society and policy makers that (a) there are different languages for the same object of study, (b) researches sometimes try to explain the importance of visual cultural practice for subjective or local ways and (c) the lack of longitudinal studies in this area.
Coutinho, Rejane G.
Coutinho, Solange G.
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