Pirstinger, Franziska
A.567 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room A1
Aesthetic education in European Dimensions: Strategies, impact, challenges on the example of the Erasmusproject Camille Claudel I
Student teachers of the visual arts, who are studying in the European Union (3 core & 3 extended countries), will be attending the first worldwide ‘Symposium for Sculpture’ in an ancient Roman quarry in Austria. In 11 multinational groups, they will have the opportunity to experience traditional techniques involving the arts of sculpture and plastic. Under the direction of an international team of artists and art Professors, whose aim is to realise aesthetic projects derived from the combined perspectives of the members of the 6 nationalities present, artworks will be created that stem from members impressions of the quarry, with all its environmental, ecological and historical aspects. In earlier times, the area of the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland Austria was a melting pot of migrating people. June 2005, it will again be an area of cumulative multicultural artistic creativity, representing a dynamic dimension of European aesthetical education. In honour of the sculptor Camille Claudel, the doors to this traditionally male dominated profession will be opened also to women. On the whole, participants should develop new ideas and diversity in artistic expression by broadening their perspectives through exploration, and an expanded understanding of the immediate environment and the multinational plurality of the group. The principal artistic activities will have an emphasis on the statuary arts, however all traditional, and new, art mediums will be included in the program. The program involves more than the realisation of ideas and projects, developing out of the dynamics of the multinational group, it is also an opportunity to visit artist’s ateliers, have discussions with artists, and learn environmental, cultural and historical issues involving the area. In addition to an exhibit displaying the products of the project, a catalogue and a website will be created for widespread exhibition. Another goal of the project is to create a full-scale accredited educational training program for art education majors in the European Union.
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