Huhmarniemi, Maria
C.57 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:30 - 12:00, Room C1
Fire Sculture at school and in communities
In this paper I discuss about out of school art education and social aspects of art education in small communities. As an example I use a fire sculpture and an event called River Lights. Department of Art Education in University of Lapland has developed fire sculpture to a method for community based art and art education. From the year 2001 department of Art Educations has collaborated cultural activity in Rovaniemi to invite and engage local associations, unions, groups of students and school classes in realizing fire sculptures to annual fire sculpture event. The event aims to refresh and strengthen the sense of unity in the town and among its inhabitants. From the experience, fire sculpting has been seen as a suitable method in collaborative children art and in socio-cultural animation in communities. There has been a vogue for fire art in latest years. Circus performers and enthusiasts have got excited to practise fire acrobatic, and fire eating and blowing, meanwhile pyrotechnics and fireworks have maintained their place in cross art festivals and shows. Fire art covers also fire sculpture, when artists try to control the shape, rhythm, volume and duration of the fire. As a phenomenon fire art has many roots. Beside to circus it grows from modern sculpture and performance art, as well as from community art, such as light festivals, lantern parades and community events. A fire sculpture has an almost universal appeal due to the intensity of the raw experience, it can be seen, smelt, felt and heard. Fire art is experienced as a phenomenal, communal and generational art form. In this article I highlight some semantics of fire, explain how fire has appeared to fine arts in last decades and describe techniques and forms of expression in fire sculpture. Furthermore, I discuss the results of fire art experiments, such as River Lights and art in Easter bonfires. I think over, how schools could benefit the communal power of fire art.
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