Cho, Mika
E.573 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room E1
Museum Online
In this Inter-Cultural Project “Socio-Cultural Learning through Art and Music,” middle and high school students in two chosen places (Linz, Austria and Los Angeles, California, USA) will participate under the supervision of classroom teachers and Art Electronica Museum personals. Students will be assisted to engage critical dialogues through e-mail and teleconference to exchange ideas and information on their daily activities, beliefs, values and issues. The project attempts to increase students’ socio-cultural understanding and tolerance and to enhance their critical thinking skills. The purpose of the project is to bring students from Austria and California together and assist them to share their thoughts on identity and personality through art and music. They're asked to go search through the Ars Electronica online-archive (which is completely translated into English). This project is to make the communication and working process visible online. So these two groups of students are able to meet on the internet where they can easily share thoughts, pictures, and videos by posting their artworks and articles, and writing comments to each other. The website is configured like a blog, which means the groups in Austria and California will get their own accounts and passwords. The goal of this inter-cultural project is: To educate students through technology; To expand students socio-cultural understanding through exchanging ideas of their lives; To foster academic discourse among students; and To exchange and celebrate cultural diversity.
Schreibelmayr, Wolfgang
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