Mason, Rachel
Great Britain
K.612 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 09:30 - 10:00, Room MZH
Student Teachers’ Visualisations of National Identity: A Comparative Study
This visual presentation will report the findings of the first stage of a collaborative research project into strategies for teaching about cultural identity through art. It will describe and compare data about student teachers’ visualisations of national identity collected by a team of international art educators in Portugal, Turkey and England. Recurring political and ideological visualizations included national emblems, national heroes, historical monuments, cultural rituals, food, and traditional arts and crafts. Some cross-national differences were that the student teachers’ national identifications in Portugal and Turkey were more ‘traditional’ and unifying and the British student teachers were more personal, ethnic and disconnected from national civic concerns. Students with specialist training in art appeared more knowledgeable about and critical of the way national identifications are constructed and manipulated through visual culture. The absence of civic national identifications in the British data is a concern given that social cohesion is increasingly important as societies become more ethnically diverse.
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