Koivurova, Anniina
A.65 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 15:00 - 15:30, Room A1
Social tensions during art education lesson
In my doctoral research I focus on the processes of making and encountering students’ images during art lessons. I have collected empathy based stories: 13-14 year old students have continued a script that I have written. The script implicitly invites a student to consider the aesthetic, normative and ethical values in art education. After writing a story student has made a picture based on an image s/he has depicted in the story. The picture making gives student a visual way of telling about the issues considered in the story, without words. In this paper / presentation I consider how the students write about the social tensions that they experience during the art education lessons. I also study which kind of pictures are attached to stories in which the social relationships are highlighted. The social relationships influence on students’ picture making processes as well as perceiving and interpreting the pictures. According to my material, students seem to have many controversial concerns, such as whether he / she is accepted in a group and by a teacher, student’s concern of his / her visual skills, possibilities for being individual, and need for safety. Many stories have an emotional tone that intertwines with normative and moral thoughts. In the stories and through pictures the students also define art teacher’s role. Although my material is context based – the stories are fictive and pictures are made by a specific group of students – the material also tells something general about students’ life. The repetitious themes in stories and pictures, typical story lines and ways of visual expression show that there are certain issues that are specifically meaningful for students. The empathy based stories and pictures reveal and test school norms and values, social relations, feelings, attitudes, and questions on power and identity, from a view point of a student. My research can therefore help art teachers to develop their relationship with students, by helping art teachers to understand the world of the young, such as students’ needs, fears and hopes.
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