Larkou, Fotini
Great Britain
D.71 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room D1
Using artefacts to promote cultural understanding in cypriot primary schools
This paper will address issues arising from my PhD research in progress. My review of literature examined the nature and potential of an artefact-based approach and selected teaching/learning strategies for responding to artworks for teaching cultural understanding in Cypriot Primary Schools. In this paper, I will report the findings of the second step of the research which was a workshop followed by classroom-based experiments, both of which served as preliminary research. The workshop was intended to be the first cycle of an action research but for the reasons I will explain briefly, this proved to be not the wrong method. Having decided to change it to the development of a resource pack, I invited four teachers to collaborate with me on testing out a curriculum model centred on the study of selected artefacts and use of inquiry/questioning and cooperative learning strategies (active listening/discussion and talking circle). This paper will briefly describe the curriculum model and present the conclusions of the preliminary research for the design of the proposed curriculum pack.
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