Larrain, Verónica
B.72 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 12:30 - 13:00, Room B1
Narrative reconstruction of teachers’' identity: two narratives of experience from the visual arts.
This paper presents some of the outcomes of my doctoral research in progress. This study is a narrative inquiry based on the stories of three teachers working with children and adolescents in the field of visual arts. The purpose of this research is to answer the question “how are three teachers’ identities constructed in a complex process of interaction between their biographies and their professional development?”. In this sense, the research focuses on how the professional and the personal have become deeply intertwined reinforcing as they symbiotically transform each other. In addition, as these teachers position themselves in specific ways when telling their stories, the contexts and relations of teachers’ experiential accounts, including those generated within the research itself, are also taken into account. Some more specific questions are: (a) How do teacher’s experiences of classroom practice and training influence their life experience, and vice-versa, how do their life experiences (as mother/father, wife/husband and visual artist) lead to skills of classroom management, teaching and learning? (b) How they represent themselves as visual arts teachers? The empirical basis of this research is the very relationship that emerges between the teachers and the researcher. As a consequence, the methodology is constructed in the research process with the approval and contributions of the participants. I am trying to create a narrative methodology in which I use different interpretive theories derived from diverse disciplines (for example: social constructionism, social phenomenology, feminist research). The possibility of multiple readings of the research outcome is a fundamental part of the cross disciplinary methodology.
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