Lindström, Anne Susanna
B.77 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:30 - 11:00, Room B1
Development of art education in two nordic european countries: different history, eastern and western, now coming closer themselves again
The aim of this Study is to able to modernise and optimise Teaching of Art in comprehensive schools in Estonia and in Finland. These two countries and their Art Education have been connected not only by geographical factors but also by active cooperation work between Art Educators. Co-work was active until the 2.World War and most differences grew up during the Soviet occupation in Estonia. The second cooperation period started after Estonian re-independency in 1990´s.The years 1960-2009 have been specified as a selected period of time on this study. During the selected period the differences were greatest, but the period includes also noticeable historical changes in both countries. The first National Curriculum for Finnish comprehensive schools was written in 1970´s. The written National Curriculums of Art Education are the most important sources in this study. I am making comparative document analysis to explore the situation of Art Education in Estonia and in Finland now and to plan predictive evaluation. The aim is to illuminate the best parts of Art Education of both countries and adapt the best to the Curriculums in the future.
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