Mäkelä, Jussi
R.81 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:40 - 12:10, Room Aula
Making everyone an artist
My study is about extending the concept of art amongst classteacher students. The high-flying final aim is to find ways to get the classteachers pass on the idea of the extended concept of art ("erweiterter Kunstbegriff" by Beuys) so that it finally converts to liberal education. The question is: Is it possible to give such an art education that gets people interested on social and political issues? It is considered that by saying "Everyone is an artist" Beuys was referring to his concept of Social Sculpture. Everyone has talents that don't have financial values, thus amongst creative and free people there is a chance of growing a social warmth that is immune to the economy. In short terms, art could be the way to a better world. The first step is to tear down the (possibly) typical thought that a work of art is somewhat a historical masterpiece, a demonstration of an exceptional skill. Art needs to be considered as a way to affect on general opinion and on things in general, not as a mere elitist, intellectual playground. Keeping eye on this first step, I will lead my students to study both 1) contemporary art as a form of art that emphasizes the contents or the message and 2) the concept of ugliness along with developing the sense of ugly. In conference I intend to give a presentation on experiences of taking these first steps with my students. I will also speak briefly on the next possible steps, which I intend to define in a dialogue with my students during the processes of the first steps.
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