Maldonado Esteras, Stella
C.82 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:30 - 12:00, Room C2
Artistic education and cultural diversity in museums
In the current world, where we live, the societies are increasingly heterogeneous, it is necessary to propose a quality education in our centers of formation, already be of the area of the formal education or of the not formal one. In this case, we centre on the space museal, a place of autonomous and independent learning, on which the education of the artistic education can remove to end from three types of content of the education: concepts, procedures and attitudes. And simultaneously, it is attended, increasingly, to a few cultural wide and diverse needs, of a culturally multiple public. Across the response to the following considerations we will shape the speech, to base the ideas that form a part of our thesis and investigation: Is it possible to consider the museums of art to be spaces indicated for the artistic education? Can it serve the museum as mediator between the multicultural public across the education of the art? Is it possible to plan multicultural programs of artistic education inside the area museal? With the answers to these and other questions, we try to meet on some keys for the valuation of the museums as zones of conflict, in which it should to them take to end an active, reflexive, of integration, creative and critical learning, that conduce in the educational formation of fully developed individuals.
Sanchez Ferri, Ana
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