Labitsi, Vasiliki
Great Britain
A.86 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 11:00 - 11:30, Room A1
Making IJETA more Visual
Increasingly there has been a shift away from the verbal in society towards multimodal forms of communication but this is not yet reflected either in academic discourse in general or more surprisingly in art education conference papers and publications. IJETA was founded in 2005 for the purposes of critically reflecting on relationships between education and art. The editorial team of this new journal are seeking to develop it in a more visual direction whilst at the same time retaining its academic credibility. At the present time they are attempting to define the nature of a visual essay or text as this pertains to the specialist field, develop guidelines for would-be authors and some criteria for assessment for use by review team members in assessing the quality of visual submission. Volume 3, Issue 1 of the journal will be primarily visual. In this presentation we will discuss the concept of visual essay and or texts and some possible criteria /guidelines and invite audience response.
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