Fontal Merillas, Olaia
C.88 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room C2
Teaching the contemporary art: the connection museum - school
The Contemporary Art Education, though is not occupying a relevant place in the school, is offering an emergent development in the Museums, Art Centres and Foundations that have among their collections Contemporary Art. There are generated programs that "search" to the schools, claiming them and offering a formation for pupils and for teachers. In the short term this situation is having evident effects: an attempt of approximation between the Contemporary Art and its direct legatees: the children of the present. But, we can think on the effects in the half and long time. Will we get a progressive sensitization towards the Contemporary Art?, will we consolidate the connection museum - school?, will the museums actuate as didactic references witch are moved to the schools in the area or Contemporary Art Education? To be able to organize all these questions, we propose the following index: The Contemporary Art Education: between the oblivion of the school and the attention of the museums Keys of the didactics of the Contemporary Art in the museums Workshops from the museums that search to the schools. Definition of constants and analysis of examples Questions opened for the future of the Contemporary Art Education
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