Merta, Juha
A.89 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:00 - 10:30, Room A1
Who´s afraid of a lolling leopard?
In our presentation, we will make dialogue: a pedagogical manifest. In same time we will create the work of art. Our presentation is some kind of performance. In pictorial learning and expression the emphasis is on the individuality of the child. The teacher is not in a position to supply the right answers – rather the right questions. No two leopards have identical spots. The tendency in university life is to place reason in the field of science and feeling in the field of art. In pictorial art what is essential is that the learning occur through experiences lived. Experiences may occur through either reason or emotion. (Is it even meaningful to try to distinguish between them?) Childlike curiosity is the means of preserving sensitivity into adulthood. The leopard does not play his games in vain. In the university environment of our times the emphasis is in efficiency at the expense of productive idleness. Are we making the same mistakes as the athletes whose training programmes include too little rest? Learning visual reading requires a lot of work, but also plenty of time for reflection, for developing ideas and contemplating wider contexts. The lolling leopard is not asleep. In visual reading many adults no longer break words up into syllables. Why should we be content with a reality already delimited for us? Do we adults fear the lolling leopard within ourselves…
Pullinen, Jouko
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