Okonofua, Usiaholo Anthony
A.99 | Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 15:00 - 15:30, Room A2
Art education and art praxis in the 21ST century Nigerian society: the quest for relevance
This article presents the issue of relevance of Art Education and Art Praxis as veritable instrument advocated for social, industrial and technological emancipation of the Nigerian peoples. It further highlights the challenges of the 21st century on the Nigerian society. One of such areas is the Youth empowerment through self-sufficient based educational development. Its theoretical premise is hinged around the positive values of art education on the Nigerian child through the creative activities at the child’s early development. Essentially, the article provokes a debate on the relevance of present art curricula at both the Secondary and Tertiary levels addressing the yearnings of the Nigerian society. This reflection further led to a retrospective examination of the effectiveness of the traditional apprenticeship system of Vocational and Technical Education within the Nigerian traditional society. This system produced proven professional expertise in the individual. Summarily, the article recognizes Nigerian culture as technology based set of activities which offer the panacea for its economic liberation.
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