Invitation to send your papers

In recent years the dynamics of art education research and development have become remarkably prolific in Germany as well as in other countries. In particular with regard to the discussion on education following the PISA survey it has become necessary to openly and boldly discuss the significance and ranking of art education as well as the education possibilities in the art sector. However, this traditional and important education sector is not included in the PISA survey despite the fact that our culture, dominated by processes of aestheticisation as well as image media, is a testament to the growing and central importance of art education.
The aim of the congress will be to present new methods of teaching and learning in the framework of art education. The aim is also a discussion on how to co-ordinate questions of creativity and self-education with questions on individual and societal creation skills and with a multi-perspective generation of knowledge in a complex society. At the same time, the paradigmatic potentials for reforms in art education which reflect on the education process in general as well as the future development of colleges and universities will be dealt with at the congress.

Major topics are:
- New forms of art education / art-related teaching concepts
- Project work in art education
- Art education and multidisciplinarity (multidisciplinary art pedagogy / educational science)
- Art education and the new media
- Art education and the development at schools
- Opening up of schools and out of school art education, social aspects of art education
- Forms of art reception
- Development of a personality through art

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your papers for this congress. Please send a first short abstract, summary or description of your paper including the header “InSEA 2007”.

Institut für Weiterbildung
Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg
Keplerstraße 87, D-69120 Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Carl-Peter Buschkühle
Prof. Dr. Joachim Kettel